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How Do I Set Spam Filter in Gmail Account?

Are you unable to set up the ‘Spam Filter in your Gmail account? Are you looking for proper guidance and procedure to be able to do the same? Then you are right where you should be, here in this blog you will be guided with the accurate steps and you will get over with the process within the least time possible. However, in case you have some other related queries regarding your Gmail account then you need to take it easy and just get in touch with the skilled experts at Gmail Account recover. The team will then give you the topmost solutions instantly and they will make sure that the concerned issues are all resolved effectively.

Follow these provided steps correctly to get an accurate result:

  • The first thing you need to do is log straight into your Gmail account.
  • And then click on the gear icon which right at the top of the screen, after that click on the ‘Settings’ options.
  • Next, you will have to go to the ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ and then click on the ‘Create a New Filter’ tab.
  • Then right in the ‘From’ section, you need to type the email address of the sender that you would like to keep out of your ‘Spam Folder’ list.
  • You now will have to click on the ‘Create Filter’ option.
  • After that, you need to check on the option that says ‘Never Send It to Spam’ and also on the ‘Apply Filter to Matching Messages’ boxes.
  • Now finally you must give a click on the ‘Create Filter’ option again and then you will have to start over again by logging into your Gmail account and going to settings as mentioned in the above steps.

The steps should definitely help you with the process of setting the spam filter of your Gmail account. But if you come across any sort of issues that trouble you from getting through, then you just have to immediately give a dial on Gmail Support Number Australia. And the team of qualified technicians will be right there to assist you with the appropriate solutions.